Bloodlines and Ukraine Coincide, Hear What Jean Has to Say

Lucas Moses

The play Bloodlines, written by Kevin Kennedy and directed by Dave Wilhelmi, occurred on April 7th-10th and it was amazing. This show was one of my favorites that Fargo South has done.  The acting, sound effects, the fighting, the sets themselves were just fantastic.

Jean Wilhelmi wrote a production team note in the Bloodlines pamphlet that said,

“When we conceived of this play more than a year ago, we had no idea that it would coincide with daily reports of attacks on cities filled with civilians in Ukraine.

The tragic timelessness of war rears up as such a surprise even if we are scholars of history. But, the beauty of the human spirit and our relentless sense of hope comes alive in these times as well.

The protection of our homes and families, the blossoming of love amid despair, the idealism of youth, and the themes we offer, to remind us that courage in the pursuit of honorable lives begins with love for one another as human beings.

We present our play for you as a fervent wish for peace.”

The play was a rival between the good guys (Beatrice, Cassian, the boy and girl posse) and the bad guys (Lady Ramgate, Godric, Wolf, and all of the Red Guards) because Beatrice needed to get revenge for the bad guys killing her father. All of the actors for those roles did really good portraying those characters and were amazing at sword fighting. It was a really well directed play.