Top Tips for Holliday Shopping

Top Tips for Holliday Shopping

Madie Knight, Design Editor

Tip 1: Help us help you. When you go shopping, do your best to help the associates keep tidy. That means taking the extra 30 seconds to neatly fold the shirt back to the way it was, or put back the items you decided against.  This way we can be there for you instead of cleaning up after you!

Tip 2: Your kids, YOUR responsibility. We are not babysitters for misbehaving kids, and nobody likes a temper tantrum in the middle of the store. Kids don’t always listen, we get that, but sometimes it’s easier to walk out of the store yourself, rather than make others walk out of the store first.

Tip 3: Food Free. Please! Keep the store free of drippy, saucy, sticky, and crumbly foods. Not only does it leave us with sticky floors, it takes away our time from helping you! If you do happen to make a mess, please alert a worker so we can take care of it ASAP!

Tip 4: Patience Please: The holidays are our most busy days. Meaning, we’re trying our best to be attentive, but we also have responsibilities to create the best shopping experience for you. Have patience with us as we try to work our way through crazy shopper habits. 

Tip 5: Treat People with Kindness: If you want to make everyone’s lives a bit easier, stray away from Karen mode. I’m sure there are valid reasons for being upset, but we are all just trying to make it through December. So, be kind. Please.