Madison Jackson Hits Historic Volleyball Milestone

Madison Jackson, a junior on the varsity volleyball team, made history during this fall’s volleyball season. She has recorded over 1,000 successful sets in her career.

According to Jackson, her set count started when she began playing varsity in her freshman year. She said that she knew she would eventually reach the milestone, but she did not expect to have it happen this early in her playing career.

Like every athlete in the world, Jackson said that she had something to push her, to drive her to success. For Jackson, that motivation came from her parents.

“My parents have always pushed for me to play volleyball as well as to work hard in the sport so that has helped me get to where I am now,” she said. “My parents’ support has meant a lot, so I’d say that has definitely driven me throughout my journey.”

She also mentioned that she had two older sisters who heavily influenced her because both of them were also setters. If it weren’t for them, Madison would’ve never become a setter in the first place. 

Jackson herself spent many years trying to perfect her setting along with the support and help of different coaches and teammates. 

Although her passion and love for the game are strong, she still has yet to decide if she wants to continue her athletic career in college. Jackson said she still hasn’t decided.

“However, I do have big future goals and would like to go into the medical field so playing in college would be difficult since med school is extremely demanding,” she said.

No matter what her decision comes to be, whether it’s pursuing a volleyball career or a career in the medical field, Jackson will forever be apart of Fargo South’s volleyball history.