South’s Winter Sports

HOCKEY: According to Cam Myers, he says that the season is going well so far. It’s halfway through the season and they are the 4th seed right now.

Cam says that the Fargo South hockey team is good and also mentions, “I’m confident that we will move up in rankings over the second half of the season.”

Right now, he is happy with where the team is at because he believes in his team.

Some difficulties of the hockey team have been lots of injuries and a good number of people getting sick.

Although there were some difficulties, the team had some good moments. For example, Cam feels accomplished because they beat Central High School and they made a big comeback against Sheyenne that ended with a win.

WRESTLING: According to Yaser Hussaini, a captain of the Fargo South wrestling team, he says that the season is going well even though there is a few numbers participants.

He says that it’s not the largest team but still, it consists of people who work hard and push themselves every day. 

Although the team has not been performing well, some individuals have the potential and ability to qualify for state. 

Yaser says that the biggest obstacle is having a few numbers of guys on the team. They also do not have a full lineup and three weight classes are open as of right now.

Although there are few people on the team, the good moments, according to Yaser, are the fact that the guys on the team are nice to each other. The low number of guys makes it easier for them to bond with each other. Yaser also mentions that the coaches work hard to have the best team possible.

GIRLS’ BASKETBALL: According to Brynn Nelson, the girls’ basketball “season is going pretty good.” She says that the team started strong but then got into a little losing streak. However, the team works as a whole and works well together. Most importantly, Brynn is happy that they’re having so much fun.

The Fargo South’s girls’ basketball team is great according to Brynn. Although their numbers are low, they still play and do all that they can to win. She also mentions that the girls are supportive of each other and encouraging. 

Brynn says that the girls get a little off task and sometimes, they don’t go as hard as they need to in practice. However, as a team, she says that “everyone gives 100% when it’s needed.” Brynn is still not fully satisfied because she mentions that they can still work harder.

Brynn says that their biggest obstacle or difficulty is the low number of players. She goes on to say that sometimes, they have to adjust their practices to meet the number of players. At times, it’s hard to even scrimmage. They also struggle with fouling sometimes and that’s significant because they don’t have that many people.

Although there have been some difficult moments, the team also has some good ones. First off, they started the season very strong and in Brynn’s words, “a lot better than I thought we would”. The highlight of the season has been the fact that Adie Wagner hit 2,000 career points on Tuesday. This brought delight and happiness to everyone in the gym.

BOYS’ BASKETBALL: According to Jeremiah Gibson, he says that the season is going pretty good, pretty decent. However, he also says that they could improve because there is always room for improvement.

Speaking regarding the team, he says the team is pretty good and he believes the team could get better throughout the season.

Although he is confident in his team, Jeremiah is not satisfied. He says that he’s not happy with where the team is right now because they could do more.

The difficult moments have been playing catch-up against other teams. It’s also hard to balance school and play basketball at the same time. 

With the difficult moments, come the good moments. Some of them have been winning as a team and bonding with teammates. One of the highlights is when the varsity team beat North High School.

GYMNASTICS: According to Jaden Felber, she says that “the season is going great so far, a couple injuries here and there but otherwise really good.”

What Jaden thinks of the team is that they are a strong team and she likes that they always give their all. 

Jaden is extremely satisfied and happy with where the Fargo South Gymnastics team stands. She also mentions that they are only a couple of competitions away from qualifying for EDC. 

The biggest difficulty for the team has been the injuries and also along with getting enough time to get things done. Jaden also said that it would be really helpful if they could just get a little more self-confidence. 

The good moments have been that they’ve achieved a lot of the team’s goals at meets, competitions, and practice. They’ve learned new skills and “getting out of mental block state”. To end it, she says that their biggest accomplishment has been trusting themselves that they can do anything they set their minds to.