Review: ‘Until Dawn’ a Great Video Game

Review: Until Dawn a Great Video Game

A quick 10-hour game. Until dawn is a game where you make the choices. You are able to play as all the characters except for Beth and Hannah. It starts on a mountain with a group of friends at the Washington lodge. While Chris and Josh Washington, two best friends, is out cold after drinking the rest of the group except for Josh’s siblings, plan to prank Hannah Washington to make her think that the boy she likes, Mike, likes her back.

The player plays as Beth and gets to explore the lodge. She gets upset about the prank and runs off, Beth Washington follows behind her. Eventually, Beth finds Hannah but Beth wasn’t the only one. Some creature traps them on a cliff and Beth decides to jump, bringing Hannah with her. Beth struggles to hold on to the branch that she caught to not fall but Hannah is slipping out of her grip.

A man comes along and extends his hand to Beth. Beth struggles to decide if she should trust this man and take his end, dropping Hannah and having her fall to her death or letting go of the branch, leaving them both to fall.   Hannah and Beth both fall and nobody can find the bodies

A year later they return to the mountain after being invited by Josh. The rest of the group thought it was a meetup but that isn’t what Josh has planned. Josh is trying to scare them and make them think a killer is on the mountain while Wendigos are hunting down the group. They have to survive until dawn.

Overall this game is good in my opinion, I would rate this 9/10 and would recommend it.