Review: ‘The Cousins’ Feature Unforgettable Characters

This book can easily hook many readers that enjoy mystery. The cousins start with ‘three’ cousins having to go to their grandmother’s island resort. Milly finds this strange since their grandmother abandoned their parents a long time ago. They quickly find that not everything is as it seems.  Milly discovers quickly that Jonah isn’t their cousin. Aubrey and Milly decide to keep it a secret that Jonah isn’t family.

There is a lot of good things about this book, such as the characters for example. You can tell that they are growing as characters and have different flaws as any character should. You can easily see that something about them arriving at the island is weird.

They believe that they got a note telling them to show up from their grandma but Milly and the reader can easily tell from the first interaction with her that she didn’t know they would show up, that she didn’t invite them. The reader can also tell that Jonah and the grandmother act oddly during the first part even if the characters can’t tell.  The reader also could compare themselves to the characters due to their living situations. Jonah’s actual family had a problem with fraud from the real Jonah’s dad.

Aubrey’s dad cheated on her mom and got Aubrey’s swim coach pregnant along with her mom filing for divorce. Aubrey’s dad also only really cares if her grandmother is going to start communicating with them again.  Milly’s mother in a way forces her to go because Milly really wants the necklace that her mom has and only gets it in the near future if she goes to the resort. The person reading this book can relate to the characters because these are all problems that are in the real world. Same with not seeing some family members at all or in a very long time.

I would rate this book an 8/10.