The Tragedy and Hope in Suicide Notes

Haley Boe

Jeff, a sarcastic, humorous 15 year old wakes up in a psychiatric ward, with no clarification why he was there. He only knows what the staff has told him and it’s that he tried to kill himself on New Years Eve. His parents came home and saved him before he could have died. He is now stuck at the ward for a 45 day program to talk to a therapist. Jeff’s perspective was somewhat told through a diary format of the days he’s stayed there.

Along with the program he has to do group discussions with other kids his age. When he sees the other kids he compares them with himself and says he’s not “crazy” like them. As the story goes on he realizes that maybe he isn’t so different from the other kids and that he is suffering more than he thinks. He also grows to have a close friendship with another patient. Jeff has a huge character growth and he began to be more open towards the end of the book, explaining why he tried to kill himself. 

I recommend this book to anyone that can deal with dark humor. It is an easy, fast, and interesting read. The book also relates to today’s issues and teens. There were some parts of the book that could have been better without and could have progressed without those scenes. Overall I would rate this book a 9/10 Suicide Notes eBook : Ford, Michael Thomas: Kindle Store