Attack on Titan Is A Must Watch


Devyn Iglesias-Fuller, News Editor

“Attack on Titan Season 4: Part 2” has recently finished, and with the final part of the critically acclaimed anime series set to air at the start of 2023, you may be wondering if the show is worth your time. The answer to this question is an indisputable yes. Even if you have never watched an anime, I strongly recommend you to indulge in the experience that this show is.

The basic premise of the show is a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has been pushed to extinction by mindless man-eating giants called Titans and are only protected in cities behind giant walls. The story starts off when the walls are breached by Titans, and follows the infamous character of Eren Jaeger after the Titans destroy his hometown.

The premise itself seems basic, but as the story goes on, it slowly transforms into a story that is nearly unrecognizable from the original narrative set by the author.

What makes this show so enjoyable is the masterful writing by the author, Hajime Isayama. The worldbuilding of the show is fantastic, making a completely believable world which anyone can get sucked into. In addition, the characterization and writing of the characters is phenomenal. Almost every main and major-side character goes through an arc which completely makes sense for their character and their setting. Specifically Eren, Reiner, and Jean all have masterfully developed and sensible arcs.

Something else “Attack on Titan” is known for is it’s compelling mystery elements. The show is written in such a way that these mysteries are often answered with more questions, and when those questions are answered, your entire perception of the show is shattered and turned on its head. The series has some pretty insane twists, but when these twists are introduced, they make complete sense looking back.

In addition, the show is chalk-full of emotion and tragedy, and it can’t be overstated how hard some of the events and major deaths of the story hit emotionally.

When talking about “Attack on Titan,” it’s hard not to mention the immaculate action. What makes the fights stand out is the main characters ODM equipment, which essentially allows the characters to fly around. Another big draw of the action is how well animated every single scene is, and especially in the most recent season, how much meaning and intensity every action sequence feels like it has.

The beautiful art combines with the hauntingly poignant score and exceptional voice acting to create something that pleasures both the eyes and ears.

One critique I have of the show is that the first season is a little slow, and the story can be a little can be a little hard to understand. However, rewatching the first season after watching the entire series gives an entirely new perspective, and can be more interesting than the initial watch.

Overall, I would give “Attack on Titan” a 9/10 for it’s masterful writing and stunning animation, and I would recommend the series to anyone interested in a complex and emotional story.