“Far Cry Primal” Review

Far Cry Primal Review

Dani Puterbaugh

“Far Cry Primal” is a adventure-packed 14 1/2 hour long game.

You start out hunting with your tribe and losing everyone to a saber-toothed tiger and having to get your tribe, the Wenja, back together. As you progress through the game you can get animal companions to join and fight with you. Your companions can be from a wild dog all the way to a large bear and even a mammoth you can ride! As you get important people back to the village your village upgrades and there is new quests as well as new upgrades. You can also get new items by upgrading homes of some of the Wenja. It is an open world game so as you wander around. You can find items that give you XP or random bundles of supplies throughout the game. You can also get people to join you by liberating different Udam or Izla camps.

14 1/2 hours may seem like a long time, but as you get into the story and explore, it doesn’t seem too long at all. You have to fight against two other tribes, the Udam and the Izla. The Udam hate the Wenja and want to kill them but the Izla mostly like to torture people they have captured. The Wenja join you and help you fight against both of those tribes and even capture two members of the tribes, one Izla and one Udam.

The game has multiple different difficulties and also has co-op.