Applebee’s Review

Anya Hawari

Applebee’s is a popular restaurant in Fargo, this restaurant was rated number 1. Applebee’s reported sales amounting to $4.02 billion U.S dollars from its franchise restaurants in the United States during the 2021 financial year. Applebee’s is planning to open more restaurants in 2023, development will escalate annually from there, putting Applebee’s firmly back in growth mode. Applebee’s was actually gonna be named Cinnamon’s and Pepper’s, gladly that didn’t happen. There are now more then 2,000 locations in the world, they’re marked around the world in 15 countries like Brazil, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and more. Since there are so many locations, the company employs about 28,000 people. Some things about Applebee’s is that this business was started by Bill and TJ palmer in 1980, who opened their first restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. IHOP also bought Applebee’s for $2.1 billion, the  two restaurants together became the largest full-service restaurant company in the world. Applebee’s has also won awards for being a great employer,  employee turnover is a big problem in the restaurant industry. The bureau of Labor Statistics says that “restaurants saw an 81.9 percent turnover rate for 2015-2017”, meaning that each year 81.9 percent of the workforce was replaced with new employees, but others in the restaurant industry says the number is much more higher – maybe as much as 150 percent.  Luckily Applebee’s won’t have any problems with employees. These information’s prove that Applebee’s is a safe/great restaurant.