Cricut Machine in South’s Library is Free to Use


Della Phillips, Editor-in-Chief

Do you want to add a creative element to your next school project, or need a birthday card but want more than something store-bought? South’s library has a Cricut machine that is available for students and staff to use. For those who don’t know, a Cricut (pronounced “cricket”) is a smart paper cutting machine used in conjunction with a computer. Think of it like a printer, but instead of printing, it cuts out designs. South’s Cricut is an Explore Air that they’ve had for about five years.

According to Smithmeyer, generally if the makerspace is open you can ask to use it at the library desk – then go in and use it. Another option is to reserve a specific time to use the Cricut that they will put on the calendar, but this isn’t required. As for what projects are allowed? You can use the Cricut for school projects, of course, but personal projects are welcome as well. “We had someone make a promposal once,” said Elizabeth Smithmeyer, librarian.

If you want to try the Cricut, but aren’t sure what to make, there are plenty of examples in the makerspace. You can also browse the library of designs on the computer. South subscribes to the Cricut software, which means we have access to tens of thousands of images to choose from. You can add multiple images, text and other elements. “You can make it feel really personal and creative, but you don’t actually have to do the drawing,” said Smithmeyer. This means even people who aren’t generally “crafty” can make something impressive-looking. But if you have your own design you want to cut out, you can also upload your own image on the computer.

Having a Cricut that’s free to use is a powerful tool available to everyone at South. And with the huge library of premade designs, the options are virtually limitless. Give it a try; even if you don’t feel like an artsy person in general, you might be surprised what you can come up with.