Yearbook Club


Ciara Puterbaugh

The yearbook club is similar to the class except the club does not have a required time to show up. Yearbook basically is going to events like sports or formal events that south hosts and taking pictures for the yearbook. It also includes laying out pictures and using photoshop if you know how to edit the photos. There are deadlines for what we need to have done and how many pages need to be done. At the start of the year there was only 3 members of the yearbook club and it went up to 5 and then down to 4 and finally back down to 3.  At the start of semester 2, 2/3 of the yearbook members left. The yearbook club was made because not many students could join the class because it is during 7th period. The yearbook club allows any people who join to work on it whenever they have a free period or if they can come in before or after school. There is a app where you can send in pictures if you do not want to join the yearbook class or the club. If you cant or don’t want to download the app you can also email the yearbook teacher with photos from events.  Photoshop experience is not needed for yearbook but is appreciated.