Life is a Simulation

Ciara Puterbaugh

You may have noticed that life is a simulation. That’s a lie, you didn’t, because you’re being CONTROLLED by DR PHIL. We’re here to tell you that you ARE in a simulation, and give you PROOF!!

First of all, the concept of deja vu, from when the developers of the simulation gave us programmed memories. Some of said memories were buggy. We sometimes remember things that we never have seen or done simply because the developers incorrectly programmed our heads.

Another clear piece of EVIDENCE is, frankly the lack of life detected on other planets. And don’t use the argument “Earth is the only planet that can inhabit life.” WRONG. Everything can adapt to their surroundings even if it takes a while. Earth is not the only planet that can inhabit life but Earth is the only planet they had enough RAM to simulate.

Debates like Yanny vs Laurel and the blue or gold dress are another dead giveaway. They both are the “same”, but with a different layer, so to speak. Another debate is “gif or jif?” This was made by the developers as a test to see how we would react.

Animals do NOT exist. Why? Horses, cows, camels, and elephants. Do you notice what’s similar about those animals? All of those animals have been seen in human captivity. They are all about half a ton larger than us, so how would we be able to have any form of control over animals that much bigger than us? It’s because the developers wanted us to feel a form of control when in reality we have none.

Clearly we are being MANIPULATED by PEDRO PASCAL!!!!!! We aren’t complaining though because he’s a silly guy. OR MAYBE HIS CHARM IS JUST HIS TACTIC OF MANIPULATION!