“Ark” Game Review

“Ark” is a game about you waking up on a island inhabited by dinosaurs and extremely large bug creatures. Your goal is to try to survive on the island and make weapons. You need to make weapons to gather meat and hide for food and clothes. You also need a axe and pickaxe to gather wood and stone for weapons, building material and different taming supplies. Taming dinosaurs is key to survival since they can protect you from other dinosaurs and help you gather resources. To tame a dinosaur you need to down it and feed it either berries, raw/spoiled meat and on some occasions, eggs that you collect, or by taking a fertilized egg and raising it. Dinosaurs aren’t only there for protecting you and your house or gathering resources. They can also be bred to get eggs, to tame creatures or to hatch and grow your dinosaur army. Some offspring of your dinosaurs can be very extreme colors like neon green for example. A few creatures that are tameable include T-rex, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Piranhas, Direwolves, Reaper kings and wyverns. A difficult but possible tame is a unicorn. They are difficult to tame because there is only one per server/world.