Face-Off: Pro Virtual Learning

Devin Jiang

There are many benefits that are often overlooked when it comes to the use of virtual learning. For starters, virtual learning is much more flexible than traditional learning typically is, as teachers are able to record lessons. Then students could learn at their own pace compared to traditional classroom education, as online learning is built specifically around accommodating as many students as possible. Virtual learning is also more accessible than traditional physical learning, as transcripts and closed-captions make video lectures much easier for students with disabilities. Additionally, tests in a virtual environment are digital; and as a result online tests over virtual learning can make test results immediately available to the student, which can help cut out the anxiety after taking the test. Cost is another boon that shows itself in virtual learning; with ever rapidly increasing fuel prices, virtual learning cuts transportation costs wholly out of the equation. It saves time as well, all being more environmentally friendly. Adding to the online nature of virtual, learners also have access to a diverse and wide range of online resources and global experts on many topics, enhancing their educational experience. Virtual learning has many things that make it stand out in comparison to learning in-person, and these benefits can be accessed by implementing online learning.