South Shanley Hockey


Aiden Eckart, Sports Editor

After suffering defeat Against Red River in the state championship game last season the South-Shanley Bruins are starting the 20-21 season off strong. 

“We do see it as a revenge season”. Says Lars Hager a senior defenseman on the team. “we’re not just gunning for Red River, we’re after every team”. Tanner Kirkeby says. 

The Bruins hockey team has started off strong this season beating Central taking Red River to overtime and winning against Davies through a shutout.

 “We’ve been working a lot on our defense in practice which is without a doubt our strong suit”. Lars says. The Bruins play a very defensive game and study their opponents to get prepared for their games. “We try to prepare for bigger games by simulating different teams and their lines during our practice.”-Lars 

Recently the Bruins have been going over a bump in the road losing three games in a row. “We’ve had a few injuries and a couple of guys unable to play. Once we get everyone back, we will be ready for a strong finish and a push for a title”. -Tanner