Prom is Too Early


Devyn Iglesias-Fuller, Freelance Writer

As the weather gets colder, it reminds us how atrocious and long-lasting North Dakota weather can get. With this in mind, the decision to hold Prom on April 1 this school year may not be the best one.

Consider the fact that for the past 20 years, according to the National Weather Service, Fargo has had average temperatures in the 30s with a couple inches of snow on the ground during the time of April that Prom will be held. In fact, in 2020, the weekend of April 1 had a major snowstorm.

 How does this affect Prom? With the colder temperatures, going from place to place and taking pictures gets a lot more uncomfortable, especially for students who may not be able to wear warm clothes due to prom dresses and shoes. In addition, the situation for taking pictures outdoors is much less pleasant when coats and snow get involved. Wouldn’t it be better to have Prom when flowers are blooming?

According to Ryne Ortez, a junior, “Prom is way too early. We have ours and then 3 weeks later every other school gets to have theirs.” Another junior, Tamsyn Nantaba, said “It would probably be way too cold then.”

It would be much more enjoyable to hold Prom just a few weeks later in April or even in early May. While it may not solve all weather issues, it would be a truly cruel April Fool’s joke to have to trade dress shoes for snow boots. Who would want to cover up their over-priced Prom dress with a jacket on Prom day?