Boys Basketball Season 20-21


As state for basketball comes up, the Fargo South boys basketball team has lost four straight, with an 8-11 record overall and the No. 6 seed in the EDC.

The players are determined ,though, to string some wins together as the playoffs begin.

“We have a lot of potential as a team, as we have played very well against and beat some of the best teams in the state,” said Peyton Kessel, a senior.

Kessel said the team should have won a few close games as of late. With these loses, it puts the pressure on the boys to play well for their upcoming games to extend their season.

“We play well when going against top teams and then play down to our competition in games we should be having success in,” Head Coach Mike Hendrickson said.

Playing ball in the middle of a pandemic, the team hasn’t caused too many challenges for the team.

COVID-19 has affected the team by changing the attendance. At first no spectators where aloud to watch the games which they boys said was a weird adjustment to have no spectators watching. The team hasn’t had any COVID-19 scares and no one has had to quarantine.